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Visitors Book

Visitors\' Book

Lovely to join you. Inspiring service thank you.

Lovely fellowship and lots of love. Thank you.

Great to meet others of like mind so far from home

Blessings to you for all your efforts and focus on the living God who made us and who we Worship and Praise. May he enrich all your efforts in the future

Thank you for your fellowship during our holidays. “Great Message”.

Thank you for your welcome. God bless your Ministry here.

Thank you 4 the warm welcome and beautiful service. I felt the presence of God.

Thank you for being here.

Lovely service and so good to know you are here.

Saw your invitation at Club Tahiti – answer to prayer! So good to fellowship with you. God bless.

It was fantastic!

So glad to be back again and join in with your lovely service

Thanks for your welcome and the chance to share sincere worship.

Lovely ceremony and welcoming congregation.

Lovely Praise and challenging message. God Bless You.

Felt welcomed and enjoyed sharing worship.

Diolch – Gracias – for the services and fellowship.

Thank you for the services, fellowship and friendship over the past 3 weeks. Hope to see you next year.

Thank you for the fellowship and time to worship together.

So good to be back with you all! Greetings from Guildford.

Thank you for the encouraging Word of Faith.

Thank you for the lovely Prayers and welcome.

Thanks for rich fellowship.

Wonderful worship together, a JOY.

Thank you all once more for a lovely service and for the warm welcome and fellowship.

So lovely to visit and worship with you all again – so friendly and welcoming.

A Haven away from anything – to meet with Him. Thank you for providing.

Thank you so much for all the hard work you all put in. God Bless

Great service, I got saved 7 years ago on the 18th March 2011

Warm welcoming service. Diolch o gallon (Our heartfelt thanks)

Thank you so much. Every blessing in Him.

Such a lovely service! Happy Easter!

Lovely devoted service. The true meaning of Easter

Thank you. I loved the ( I’m OK Your OK) Sermon! Spot on.

Thank you for your welcome and encouragement to “Take off the Grave Clothes”

Second visit and just as enjoyable as our first. Very welcoming and friendly.

First visit – glad we found you.

We felt led here today. We seemed to have “Angels” lead us from Puerto del Carmen. What an amazing service. Thank you.

Thank you for blessing us.

What a wonderful blessing to be back! – and to have wonderful worship, fellowship and teaching! Thank you!!

A beautiful time of worship. Praise God and thank him.

Great to spend time with God’s people. Thank you

Nice to have discovered this opportunity and in being made so welcome.

Really lovely people, enjoyed the fellowship and the warm welcome. Thank you

Thank you Lord, for your faithful servants Erryl and Stuart, who enable us to have this wonderful opportunity each Sunday to worship you, have fellowship and hear your word.

Really enjoyed the service. A lovely end to our holiday.

Great Service, very good. Will come again.

So pleased to have found Christ here in Costa Teguise!

Wonderful to meet with God’s family wherever you are in the world!

Thank you for giving us access to fellowship on holiday.

Good to be able to share fellowship whilst on holiday.

A light in the darkness.

A warm welcome and blessed by being here, thank you.

Thank you for the warm welcome and the encouraging message.

Gloria a dias! Be blessed and merci.

Thank you for being a blessing to us this morning. We enjoyed the message and fellowship. May God richly bless your work here.

Great to be with you again. Praise The Lord for his faithfulness.

It was lovely to worship with God’s people. Praise the Lord.

Great fellowship and service.

Had a blessing – See you next week.

The Lord has blessed me this morning. It’s been a wonderful privilege to meet you all. Thanks to Linda and Freddie for telling me about your Church. God Bless you.

Good to travel so far and find the same faith in an unchanging Lord.

Lovely to share fellowship while on holiday within the lords family. Thank you for making me so welcome.

Thank you for the awesome service filled with love and warmth.

Nice to be here.

Beautiful Service thank you. DV (God Willing)

A lovely Service thank you.

Jesus lives. Alleliua!

First visit. Delighted to be part of a wonderful service. Thanks

Lovely to be back, and have an opportunity to worship together and hear God´s word. Thank you.

Lovely Service, lovely people, we enjoyed it. God bless you.

We always love our time here at church. Thank you, thank you, thank you. x

A Great community of Christians, you made our holiday. Thank you Jesus.

Thank you so much for being here and your warm welcome.

I found this service very special and warming “that someone spoke to me”.

This was my 3rd visit to your service, thank you for your fellowship.

Warm fellowship, Good worship – Praise God !

Lovely Service of Worship

Real time of blessing

Amazing Challenging Service

Always such a blessing – May the Holy Spirit continue to work through you both x

Most lovely welcome and enjoyed the sermon plus service – Thank you.

God Bless you. It was a pleasure to worship here.

Keep up the good work. God Bless

Lovely welcome . Lovely fellowship – Gospel Preached

May God continue to bless all together – who join in fellowship here.

Thanks for the fellowship over the past 3 weeks.

Excellent service, good atmosphere, very well organised.

Wonderful Service, Bless all.

Lovely Service, Bless you all.

I come here every Christmas on holiday and enjoy every moment of it.

Thank you for blessing us this Christmas.

Very good and worshipful.

Thanks for the fellowship. God Bless x

We were blessed, thank you.

Blessed by this fellowship. Thank you.

Beautiful Service. Leaving feeling blessed by Gods Love. x

Thank-you for the fellowship! God bless you.

Wonderful to be part of this worship – Thank you.

Lovely to share in fellowship with you. Thank you.

Very kind people and welcoming.

The Spirit of the Lord is living and alive in this church. Thank you.

Overwelming, the love of God. Also in the meeting with brother and sister´s, all over the world.

A very Spiritual experience for us. God Bless the work you do. x

It was so uplifting with all these nice songs. Thanks alot

Wonderful to share in Worship and Fellowship.

Been Blessed.

Thanks for fellowship. God Bless you!

Thanks for the warm welcome, especially for our two daughters. May God Bless You!

Lovely to be back. Good friendship.

A great time of fellowship and renewal of friendships.

As usual, I was made very welcome. Enjoyed the sermon also the hymns.

Really enjoyed being fed from the word.

Enjoyed the service, felt very welcomed, Blessings.

Loved being part of this church. See you next year. God Bless

So good to worship here again – our 5th Year!

Always a pleasure to worship and fellowship with you when we visit.

I was glad when the said, Come to the house of the Lord. We thank God for the Christian folk of this Island.

May God bless this body and walk beside you. Love from all of us in Texas USA.

Very Blessed morning, So privileged to find a place to worship the King of Kings on my holiday.

Thank you for your welcome and the ministry we received.

Wonderful worship , fellowship and presence of the Lord. Glory to God.

Thank you for the welcome, great to be here today.

A great place to worship with brothers and sisters from around God’s World.

A very welcoming service. Thank you x

Always a Spirit giving experience. May the Lord always be with you, till we meet again.

Very up lifting service.

Thank you for blessing us this Easter Day. God bless x

Great service for Easter Day!

Thank you for welcoming us this Easter.

Thank you, that we can worship the Lord and hear His word on holiday! Great to be back.

Really appreciated how you put verses of scripture on the screen at gaps in the hymns.

Lovely time of fellowship and sense the presence of the Holy Spirit.

This has been the most inspiring day of our holiday! Filled with the Love and Gentleness of Christ and a revelation of the Word from (George Banks). Thank you.

Thank you God for all you have done in our life.

Our third Sunday here and we want to thank you for your faithfulness!

Lovely refreshing service. Thank you.

Thank you for a wonderful God Loving Service.

Thank you for your welcome and friendship, healing with prayer.

Lovely to share a loving time of worship together.

A welcoming and enjoyable service. As a Roman Catholic it was different, but thought provoking. I will be back next week. God Bless you all.

Wonderful to participate in the Worship of our Lord Jesus with those who so obviously belay to Him. We were especially moved by the testimonies of healing from Chris and Erryl. God Bless you all.

Thanks for the warm welcome you gave me.

Thanks for a beautiful service. We felt very welcome.

Thanks for a wonderful service today!

Thank you for having us.

Return visit from last year – Very welcoming congregation.

A very warm welcome again. Second visit here, but not the last.

Lovely being here, hearing the Lord.

Very nice and inspiring service! Thank you for the warm welcome we loved the worship.

Enjoyed worshiping with you all, thanks for your warm welcome.

Another visit – Enjoyed service, message etc. Keep up the good work.

Another warm welcome . I found Erryl’s Message very warming.

Thank you for the warm welcome. We loved to join in Praising the Lord and getting encouragement.

Thank you so much Erryl and Stuart for your faithfulness. It’s wonderful to be here, thank you.

It is a real pleasure to have joined you today in Worship and Praise.

Thank you for your wonderful Ministry to locals and holiday makers. One family Praise the Lord.

Thank you for your fellowship.

Nice fellowship. Good witness. God Bless you all.

Thank you for the fellowship and welcome.

Beautiful Service, well needed. x

Very friendly and lovely Remembrance Service.

Beautiful Remembrance Service. Blessed to be here again.

A Blessing.

Here again!

So blessed to be with you again.

Great Fellowship.

Thanks for the Church, thanks for the welcome and thanks for the Word, Amen.

Thankyou for a lovely service – Blessings x

Thank you – I could feel the Spirit of God present.

Thankyou for fellowship in Jesus Name.

Thankyou for the uplifting experience.

Being with brothers and sisters is always a joy. Especially abroad.

Thank you so much for a lovely service.

God bless you all and the church at Lanzarote. By the light! Thank you very much that you organize this worship. Spreed the Word.

Thought provoking wonderful service.

So loving and friendly

Great Service. Very welcoming.

Thank you – Enjoyed the Peace the service brought. God bless

Very glad to be here always.

Wonderful Service as always.

God blessed service.

I’m so thankful to be here with Jesus.

Good to be with you.

Thank you – a lovely service.

Enjoyed the Worship.

What a blessing to meet with you again. “Don’t give up!”

We are so delighted to have fellowship here!

Lovely Fellowship and a dream fulfilled!

Delighted to be back in Lanzarote and know there are those who love the Lord!

The Lord was with us.

Well led service. Good Spirit and Teachings.

Time to draw close to God and Praise His name. Thank you.

What a wonderful Spirit – led service. Word and Spirit in perfect unity and inspirational Intercessory Prayers. Thank you.

Thank you for your love and kindness shown. We so enjoyed the service.

A Great Service and Great Message on The Beatitudes – Thank you and God Bless.

Such a blessing to have been here and hope we’ll be back.

Thank you for your Prayers and friendship. The service was lovely.

Thank you so much for the friendship and special services.

Thank you for making our Sunday special and than you for the talk on Forgiveness.

Lovely Service.

Beautiful start to our holiday. Very inspiring.

Lovely meeting. Sustains and encourages me. Great music!

Enjoyed being with you again after Covid. God Bless

Back again, wonderful.